Fire Extinguishers

A fire extinguisher is an absolute necessity in any home or office regardless if you have smoke alarms or even a fully sprinkled building. While we all hope it sits on the wall hook collecting dust, it could end up saving your property and even your life if a fire breaks out. In nearly, 95% of all reported fires, portable fire extinguishers are the media used to put them out.

The five main types of fire extinguishers are:

Dry Chemical - whether it be ABC or BC
Halotron - use to be Halon but that has been phased out due to the damage it has caused to the ozone
Wet Chemical - designed specifically for kitchen grease fires in regards to the type of fats and oils used in cooking

What we do?

Design, sales, installation and annual inspections in accordance with NFPA-10 standards, State & Local Codes and standard Insurance requirements.

Don't settle for a second class operation. Let Allied Fire and Safety handle you inspection and maintenance of your portable fire extinguishers and never again listen to excuse of why they have not been returned yet. If we can not complete the maintenance in our mobile recharge vehicles we have a state of the art recharge & Hydro Testing Facility located on our property in Neptune.

Some of our Suppliers

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