Fire Systems

Kitchen fires pose unique problems because of the peculiar chemical nature of fats and oils used in the cooking process. Today's commercial kitchens can turn into an environment for fire risk due to the prevalence of hot cooking oils, fats, grease and other flammable substances, as well as high-energy input/output cooking appliances. The trend towards healthier foods has led to the use of fat-free vegetable oil instead of animal fat such as lard. Since vegetable oils burn hotter than animal fat, vegetable oil fires are also hotter and more difficult to extinguish. Moreover, modern cooking appliances are now highly insulated and slow-cooling. Thus, in order to protect the kitchen from fire accidents, there should be a fire suppression system that is properly designed to put out these hotter fires.

What we do?

Design, sales, installation and semi-annual inspections in accordance with New Jersey Uniform Fire Code, 17A & 96, State & Local Codes and standard Insurance requirements.

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