Portable Fire Extinguishers

Allied Fire & Safety is an authorized distributor of Amerex wheeled and hand portable fire extinguishers. Allied Fire offers only commercial-grade fire extinguishers; from the economically priced dry chemical and CO2 fire extinguishers, to the new Halotron "Clean Agent" extinguisher (Halon 1211 replacement). We offer an extensive product line to suit every need, with a focus on commercial and industrial fire extinguisher applications.

At each inspection we will weigh and verify of proper agent quantity and perform a visual inspection of all components of each extinguisher including tank, valve, gauge, hose, nozzle, hanger, labels and location. Allied Fire & Safety Equipment Co., Inc. will affix a new Inspection Tag or perform the necessary maintenance that may be required (6-year maintenance, hydrostatic test or recharge).

Our D.O.T. Approval Number is: A010

Inspection Frequency: annually

Some of our Suppliers

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