Clean Agent and Halon Systems

Clean, fast active fire protection for sensitive industrial and commercial facilities. FM-200 is one of the new halon replacement agents now in use to protect essential applications tradition- ally protected by Halon 1301.

At each inspection all system components will be inspected and thoroughly tested for proper operation. Testing will include activation of all initiating devices ie: Smoke or Heat Detectors, Pull Stations and testing of all indicating devices as Horns, Strobes, Bells, etc. Auxiliary devices, such as Damper Closers, Fan Shutdowns, Door Closers, etc., will be tested. Detection-Abort-Discharge sequence will be tested for proper timing and operation. All system piping and nozzles shall be inspected. Agent quantity and pressure will be checked and appropriate tags filled out and affixed to cylinders and system.

Inspection Frequency: semi-annually

Some of our Suppliers

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